The 7 Wonders of El Monte

Shooting a movie in El Monte offers a plethora of attractive locations, so…
From the Totally Unofficial Traveler’s Guide of  El Monte, Varsity Punks brings you The 7 Wonders of El Monte.
7.) The Trolley
 VP Wonders Trolley Coin
OK, so they just look like regular buses now, but they used to be like the old San Francisco Treat trolleys. Plus, they had their own fancy tokens that were “GOOD FOR ONE RIDE ONLY”—insert your own mom joke.
6.) El Monte Airport
 VP Wonders Airport
Our own airport! This is where all El Monte residents keep their private planes. Haha! But for real, who has ever flown outta here? We hear it’s not too hard to get a pilot’s license. Hope they don’t have checkpoints up there.
5.)  Jolly Jug
 VP Wonders Jolly Jug
We’re just amazed that it hasn’t been turned into a panadería or an off-brand dollar store by now! Also, if you’re a North Monte loco, one of your parents was probably conceived in the parking lot after your grandparents got wasted here!
4.) The El Monte Lion
 VP Wonders Lion
The MGM Lion… yeah, he’s Monte. Gay’s Lion Farm was the Florentine Gardens of it’s day. It’s long gone, but we still got the statue which now stands at El Monte High School, right in front of the auditorium where all the enamorados kick it for lunch.
3.)  The Valley Mall
 VP Wonders Valley Mall
Everything you need to be whatever you want.
2.) Statue of Liberty
 VP Wonders Statue
It’s a good thing she’s erected in front of the police station, otherwise she’d already have black lip liner, a teardrop, and who knows what other creative vandalism from our local graffiti artists.
1.)  The Emerald Necklace
 VP Wonders Necklace Map
Go put some miles on your new Filas  and burn off yesterday’s Tecates by hitting the scenic trails and rivers of El Monte. We have two major rivers that connect at Whittier Narrows, and now they’ve even added exercise machines along the routes! Mira nomas! Although it still primarilty serves as a homeless shelter and a cholo art exhibition, this truly is a gem in the works! But I still wouldn’t jump in the reservoir just yet; don’t wanna come out with an extra eyeball.

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3 Responses

  1. Mommies says:

    Please continue posting pics of good El Monte.I have a brother who is incarcerated and has been for the last 23 years.We grew up there and our fondest memories are there.Over the years we buy and take pictures to update him.This past year my husband also from Monte enjoys anything we see regarding our varrio keep up the good work.

    • Anthony Solorzano says:

      Mommies, thank you so much for the support! It is definitely one of our goals to highlight the culture in El Monte. Check out some of our promo videos that were all shot (most of them) in El Monte! You might enjoy the Valley Mall Dash

      -Anthony Solorzano
      Varsity Punks

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