Top 7 Movie Foot Races

TOP 7 Lists: Movie Foot Races/Foot Chases

The good ol’ foot race is a thing of beauty and excitement. Here at Varsity Punks, we celebrate our favorite movie moments that capture the essence of running at its best. Because there are so many running scenes that don’t quite capture the magic and spirit of running, we’ve narrowed down the list by cutting out those heavy with parkour, any involving more than 2 runners or official sports competitions.


  1. Fast & Furious 4 (Paul Walker vs Cholo) – Of all the racing in the “Fast” Franchise, they did manage to throw in an excellent foot chase. Paul Walker (R.I.P.) is chasing down some “vato” in our own backyard of Downtown Los Angeles, racing across rooftops and through alley shops. Walker is quick and smooth in his stride with solid form….and, there’s something cool about a dude running in a business suit.


  1. Talladega Nights (Ricky Bobby vs Jean Girard) – We gotta throw a comedy in the mix. These 2 egotistical rivals, and political opposites, of NASCAR racing eventually battle it out on foot when their cars crash. It comes down to the last fingertip. It’s a silly comedy, with a number of good laughs.


  1. Bloodsport (Van Damme vs Forest Whitaker) – The Feds have come to take Frank Dux back to the USA before he fights in the Kumite. But, JCVD is much too fast and swift as he outruns them in the streets of Hong Kong. In a pair of loafers and a yellow sports coat, JCVD just toys with them, making it look like a leisure stroll as the Feds are no match for his fluid stride. It’s cheesy 80s, but we love it.


  1. Across the Tracks (1989)(Joe & Bill race off) – Brotherly tension has built up to this scene where a young Brad Pitt and Rick Schroder face off on the track, in an unofficial race of pride. With minimal cuts, we enjoy the raw running footage showing them in full stride; Schroeder is muscular and strong, while Pitt, lean and quick.


  1. Chariots of Fire (Race around the Courtyard) – Based on The Great Court Run at Cambridge, this scene plays out with the same excitement and cheering of a Fast & Furious race. Crowds of people line the race path and enthusiastically cheer the runners at every straight of the way. Noted as a Top Running movie, but too dated for the taste of Varsity Punks.




  1. Point Break (Keanu vs Swayze) – Johnny Utah and Bodhi are timeless characters of a classic film. Swayze is the swiftest of the 2, even in his tuxedo and Reagan mask. A standard for later movies.


  1. Rocky III (Rocky vs Apollo @ the beach) – An inspiring exhibition of 2 distinct running styles; the natural speed and effortless form of Apollo VS. the brut strength and grit of Rocky, who pumps his head and reaches with every inch of his stride. A classic foot race of 2 timeless movie sports figures.

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