What Is VarsityPunks.com?

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Varsitypunks.com is the official website for Varsity Punks, the independent movie scheduled for completion in 2016.

Set in the world of high school sports, Varsity Punks is a coming-of-age comedy with a realistic edge.

In a nutshell, the film is about this: When the coolest guy at school, quarterback A.J. Montoya, breaks his hand senior year, his only athletic hope is to join the uncoolest sport on campus – cross country, a team of nerds and misfits with potential for high school glory.

Varsity Punks is the next great running movie, and because of that, this website caters to all runners—current and past—with fun blogs, photos, and videos related to running.

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  1. Amanda Marks says:

    Trying to reach your production office via entertainmentcareers.net ad + Facebook to pitch a FANTASTIC INTERN to you – enrolled college student, SGV native, camera nut, hard worker. Please could someone contact me @ 323-253-3599 or amanda@deaconentertainment.com