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Episode 107: Fastback Shootout

Skip Ventura visits the Fastback Shootout at Mt. San Antonio College–the San Gabriel Valley’s premier high school cross-country competition–and finds the Mexican doppleganger of a cross-country legend.


Episode 106: Cross-town Greasers

This week, we went old school with a battle between two greasers.


Episode 105: Restaurant Race-Off

Two restaurant workers square off in our most controversial FRF yet!


Episode 104: Valley Mall Dash

You’d be hard-pressed to find a place more emblematic of the city of El Monte than the Valley Mall–a 1/2-mile-long strip mall in the heart of the city. This week we match up two proud gentlemen with deep El Monte roots in the longest race to date in an Edicion Especial evening edition of FRF.


Episode 103: Cheerleader vs. Soccer Girl

This week Varsity Punks solves an age-old debate: is high school cheerleading really a sport?


Episode 102: Hipster vs. Cholo

We’re back for Week 2 of FRF with two El Monte residents, juxtaposed in many ways, but with the same goal in mind.


Episode 101: Fat Guy vs. Little Girl

In the inaugural edition of FRF, we ask a simple question: can a nine-year-old girl beat a fat fully grown adult in a foot race? You may be surprised at this outcome.